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I am very grateful for the support I've been receiving from many Juke Box Heroes and E5C4P3 fans. Thank you! Here are some things people have sent me.
"Every one at my job ,also thought you were terrific.Will keep checking to find where you will be performing. GOOD LUCK"
"The band [Rubix Cubed] sounded great last night! You definitely impressed the crowd when you started singing Journey. The whole place stopped what they were doing and watched you with a smile. I gave you a standing ovation. We had great seats right in front of the sound guy."
"always was excited to hear you sing especially, "OH Sherrie"... Thanks for all the memories!"
"we saw you at shooters this summer for the first time, and then we took a cab to westlake from lakewood for new years to see you .... you are always so in control with your voice, keyboards, guitar .. etc ..."
"Hey Jason! You totally impressed the drummer I was with New Years Eve. you are too good to not be entertaining people!!!"
"I wanted to wish you best of luck, and hope to see your amazing talent again. We saw Jukebox Heroes 7 times this past year and Escape twice. You do have a gift from God and I am glad that you share it with us. God bless you"
THANK YOU EVERYONE! After 6 straight years of Juke Box Heroes/E5C4P3, I'm actually grateful for a well needed vacation. E5C4P3 and Juke Box Heroes will return next season. Come check out Rubix Cubed in the meantime.

Jason Who??? Who is he?
What's he done? Where is he? And why?
Well, here it is! My own world-wide, public platform. If you've known me for any length of time, you probably know that I'm a Christian, a computer repairman, and a multi-instrumental musician. There's plenty to tell about my musical upbringing, my current projects Juke Box Heroes, Rubix Cubed, and E5C4P3 - THE Journey Tribute,  and even 2112 - Tribute to Rush, Barbershop Harmony Society and Lakeland Community College Civic Band.
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